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Since 1975 we have completed more than 300 projects for nuclear shelters ABQ/NBC  all over Spain and in four of five continents. All kinds and sizes. With capacity from 25 up to 400 people, and projects up to 2000 people.


We are threatened all the time with natural disasters and war conflicts. With the modern weapons of massive destruction (nuclear, biological and chemical) the civilians are the most affected, in a proportion of 100 to 1. In the war the most destructive weapons had been used always. The first nuclear war was 78 years ago. Hiroshima and Nagasaki are on our memories. The access to weapons with massive destruction has increased, and new countries with this capacity are increasing. The new terrorist threats, on the other hand, include biological and chemical weapons, and even dirty bombs, with capability to contaminate with radioactivity high populated areas. Natural disasters as earthquakes or water flooding happen all the time and can occur at any moment. We have to be ready if the unthinkable comes true. The children, our new generations, don’t deserve that.

Advanced Engineering
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Hurricane until 800 km/h and tsunami shelters. Floating shelters, submergible, on boats, mobile, active advanced security systems, invisibility, Air force one.

All is obsolete. The words are Hypersonic, Nuclear powered, Random Variable Trajectory… AI

We sell ideas. The ABQ shelters are safe against the latest developments announced by V. Putin on March 1, 2018

Design innovation



Community shelters, single family shelters, institutional,

data safe. In basements, parking facilities, existing

areas, new constructions.

That can be used as storage, warehouse, cellar, games

area, gym, additional rooms, vault, archive, home cinema,

parking, panic room…


Shelters ABQ /NBQ or called as well NBC, are projected all over the world for staying two weeks. This period it’s more than in off because the dangerous days are mostly the first two or three after the explosion. But it’s possible to go in and out of the shelter since the first hours, with the appropriate protection, with maximum security. Many people believe erroneously that the occupants of the shelter have to be inside the shelter on the first weeks, or even months after they have saved their lives themselves and their families, which is totally wrong. Radioactivity from a nuclear explosion goes down to 10% after only 7 hours from the explosion. On the second day it’s only 1%, so radioactivity goes down 99%. People can stay outside of the shelter for several hours, even without protection. After two weeks radioactivity goes down a thousand times since the explosion, so life can continue in a more or less regular way.


Antonio Alcahud Lara, engineer with a master in nuclear reactors, has the patent for nuclear shelters in Spain due to his commitment in investigation and pioneering.

With fully customized projects, we take careful attention to customers and their needs.

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Fundation of the Company

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Projects completed

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Interviews on radio, press and TV



The price to make an ABQ shelter with a capacity of 25 people it’s only from 59,800 € FOB. For a capacity of 50 people, from 70,300 € FOB


The cost of the construction (excavation, concrete, paint, plumbing, electricity, etc.) it’s equivalent (for new constructions) to the price of a conventional one, and paid by the customer. On the specific budget for the shelter or extra cost,  it’s included the project, the management and supervision of the construction, watertight armored doors for access and locks and emergency exit. Ventilation system and filtered air, over pressure valves, masks and protection suits, radioactivity detector, manuals, tests and overall certification. The electricity generator it’s optional, and not essential.


In case of an existing living area, it will depend if there is a suitable space that can be modified. If there is one and it’s modified, or if it there is not such a space and has to be constructed, the price for the construction will be different. It will be more expensive a new construction, but a new profitable space will be created. The costs of this construction will be the same as a regular build.


​For the community shelters, for more than one hundred people, the shared additional costs per person are greatly reduced. In each case a study and project has to be made previous to the final budget. In a building, the shelter can be the last floor of the parking lot, but can still be used for his regular use. The additional cost can be around 5% of the price of the apartment, and can be paid with a mortgage in 20-30 years.


It is not necessary that the shelter is underground if a near explosion is not expected. For chemical or radioactivity contamination the shelter can be at ground level. Being underground improves mostly resistance and other factors.

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Some interviews and videos

Interview with Antonio Alcahud

in Intereconomia channel

ABQ shelter for 50 people used as well as an olimpic shooting gallery. Telecinco TV

The new challenges of design

Antonio Alcahud Lara



+34 626259771

I will give you information on any doubts and prepare an estimate that follows your needs

Interview with Antonio Alcahud

in Cuarto Milenio channel

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ABQ shelter for 500 people, submergible and capable of floating, with autonomy for 20 years



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